Wright Launches ResiFlood Product

Wright National Flood Insurance Services has announced its ResiFlood product, a new consolidated brand for its Residential Private Flood Program.

It brings the Zurich and Incline private flood states of Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania together into one easy click.

“Both Zurich and Incline are carriers in the program and still actively writing with us,” said Senior Vice President of Private Flood Jim Watje. “ResiFlood now includes an expanded footprint that offers additional capacity in some states. Plus, we’re working toward adding new partners to the program to give our agents even more flexibility and markets in additional states.”

The move helps make Wright’s private flood insurance products even easier to quote and understand. When agents access the ResiFlood quote and enter the property address, the system will seamlessly identify the location and will drive all output to the appropriate carrier. Additionally, the cross-sell pop-up will be guided by the property address to display the suitable carrier.

“Our agents can enter the ResiFlood quote process and, when they key in the property address, the system will identify it and drive all output to the appropriate carrier,” Watje said. “This will include all of the same coverages, eligibility and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from Wright Flood offerings. The experience will be seamless. Our goal is to make it easier to understand all our product offerings, and I know we’ve accomplished that.”

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