4 Easy Ways to File a Claim with Wright Flood

4 Easy Ways to File a Claim with Wright Flood

When a flood disaster strikes, the Wright Flood claims team goes into action. Below you can find 4 ways to file a claim.

As the nation’s top provider of federal flood insurance via The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), excess and private flood insurance policies for more than 30 years, our agents have industry-leading experience and an unmatched dedication to helping you and your community recover after a flood.

Filing a Wright Flood claim, through one of 4 methods allows policyholders, agents or representatives to file their initial claim well below 60 minutes once a disaster has passed.

If your home has been affected by a flood disaster, go to the Wright Flood claims page “Report your Flood Claim link  at: www.wrightflood.com to open your claim in less than 60 minutes. Wright Flood online claims tools will automatically assign a claim number and provide contact to the adjusting company.

Reporting  Wright Flood claims


  • Access the Claims page from the top menu bar on Wright Flood’s website at wrightflood.com.
  • Midway down the Wright Flood Claims page click the REPORT A FLOOD CLAIM Button.
  • Add in your 14-digit policy number and the zip code of the property and click NEXT
  • The page opens to the Policy Payment page; to continue, at the upper right side,  choose OPEN A CLAIM to continue.
  • The Claim Page opens a form to collects details about the flood event and also the methods you would like to be contacted to open the claim and then click SUBMIT. This page also includes your agent information as well as the coverage amounts on your policy for your further information.



  • Text the word  CLAIM to 727-777-7066

By phone:

  • Call in claims toll free at 1-800-725-9472
  • Dial **FLOOD or (**35663) and choose option #4

For Wright Flood Customer Service


  • 1-800-820-3242
  • 1-800-323-8841

Once you have filed your claim, the adjuster sent by Wright Flood will be in touch with you to initiate a review of your claim and help you navigate through the flood insurance claims process.

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