Wright Flood Update on National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization

Wright Flood Urges Congress to Extend National Flood Insurance Program

UPDATE! For the latest on NFIP Reauthorization, please click here: Wright Flood Update on National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization

Wright Flood, among many other organizations, is urging Congress to enact an immediate extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) before breaking for the month-long summer recess.  NFIP, which provides flood insurance to more than 20,000 high-risk communities nationwide, is presently set to end on July 31, 2018.

As the nation’s top provider of flood insurance, Wright Flood is committed to working with stakeholders across the country to secure the continuation of NFIP and ensure that property owners have access to the coverage they need as we enter the peak of hurricane season.

“It is imperative that Congress acts quickly to avoid a lapse in the NFIP,” said Patricia Templeton-Jones, Wright National Flood Insurance Company’s President and Chief Program Advocate. “Failing to reauthorize NFIP would not only leave millions of Americans at risk for financial losses, but also slow down the reconstruction taking place in areas impacted by the devasting 2017 hurricane season, and thwart recovery efforts for any forthcoming 2018 storms.”

While escalating the need for a short-term solution to ensure home and business owners won’t be left without coverage amid the 2018 hurricane season, Wright Flood also continues to advocate for a long-term reauthorization of the NFIP.

As debate continues regarding options for reforming the program, Congress has yet to pass a long-term extension. Instead, there have been a series of stop-gap extensions, as well as two brief lapses in 2017 and 2018, each of which has negatively impacted homeowners and small business owners across the country.

“There is no disputing the urgency to pass an extension of NFIP before the program lapses on July 31,” added Templeton-Jones. “Wright Flood is hopeful that Congress will act quickly now to protect our nation’s property owners. Then once this immediate crisis has been addressed, we encourage Congress to prioritize the long-term reauthorization of a program that is essential for so many American’s communities.”

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