Flooding – It’s Not Just a Coastal Problem

Flooding does not just occur in coastal areas; inland communities are experiencing flash flooding and other dangerous flood disasters at an alarming rate. Both FEMA and new private flood carriers are responding to make flood insurance more accessible— and understandable—for Americans across the country.

Flooding is a natural disaster that strikes everywhere across the nation, and the risk is real for both inland and coastal locations. In fact, some estimate that inland flooding causes more property damage annually than any other disaster. The reality is, flooding is so widespread an issue that 98 percent of counties in the United States have experienced a flooding disaster. Despite this shocking revelation, nearly 88 percent of homes and businesses are not covered with flood insurance. In part one of this three-part series, Leader’s Edge reporter Cheryl Arvidson talks to flood industry leaders, including Wright National Flood Insurance Services President Patty Templeton-Jones, about how the private market is responding, FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0, risk prevention, and how the Flood Insurance Marketplace is changing.

“Everybody—agents, companies, FEMA, and private markets—have all been trying to write additional policies, but [closing the coverage gap] is going to be a heavy lift,” says Templeton-Jones. To learn more about how The Flood Insurance Marketplace is expanding and flood insurance is changing, read the full article on Leader’s Edge.

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