Flood Insurance is changing—bring on Private Flood!

Don’t overlook new choices when buying flood insurance for your home. New Private Flood Insurance from Wright can make a world of difference to your family as they recover from flood loss.

  • A private flood policy, with additional living expenses coverage, can pay for an alternate living space while rebuilding.
  • A private flood policy could allow new appliances, new kitchen cabinets and new furnishings with replacement cost coverage.
  • A private flood policy can include rebuilding with flood resistant materials—so your home can be stronger in the next flood.
  • A private flood policy could split annual premium into up to 4 installments.

Zurich Residential Private Flood offers all these features plus pricing stability to eligible properties in the states of Florida and New Jersey and soon to additional states. Exclusive to Wright agents, Zurich Residential Private Flood is new, innovative and a game changer at a time when more severe and frequent flood events are top of mind to everyone.

Call your Wright agent to learn more about Zurich Residential Private Flood—or call Wright Marketing at 866-373-5663 and ask for a Zurich quote!

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