Wright Flood Presents $100,000 Check to Feeding America®— and Participates in Mega Pantry Food Distribution

From left to right: Front row: M andy Cloninger, Chief Impact Office – Feeding Tampa Bay, Patty Templeton Jones, Carolann Whitfield, S andi Levin, Sara Forziano, Chantal Martin | Back row: Tim Love, Sal Mancini, Steve Levin, Yasmin Sims, Paul Palumbo, Margie Jennelle

Following up on a pledge to donate $100,000 to Feeding America.org®, Wright Flood and participating agent partners along with 11 teammates presented a symbolic check prior to participating in a Mega Food Bank distribution event held at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, on August 22.

After the presentation Patty Templeton Jones, President Wright Flood, remarked to Feeding Tampa Bay organizers:

 “I just want to sincerely thank you for letting our team be part of today’s event. It was a mix of emotions for all of us.  Sadness that so many people are struggling in this COVID era, humbling that we were allowed to serve these deserving people, joy to see their upbeat smiles and positive attitudes and blessings that God allowed us this opportunity to do so.  I can promise you that this made a huge impact on me and others on our team.  You can rest assured you will have ongoing volunteers both physically and monetarily from Wright Flood. Thank you for what your organization does for our community!”

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